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Welcome to the future! If you are a professional who understands your career reaches beyond being a project knowledge-worker and want to embrace being an enterprise-value driver welcome to the PM Blackbelt community. We invite you to join us as we build a stakeholder consortium dedicated to success in the new evolutionary period – The Flow Period – as shared in the CHAOS 2020 research report by Standish Group.

Because you understand that being an enterprise-value driver requires you to acquire high-value professional skills and tools that support your increased career opportunities… and compensation! … you want to be at the forefront of guiding the development of the new gold standard of ideas and certification.

Join our community – YOUR community – and together let’s create the pathway for project and product management professionals to become the bridge that reaches the future where enterprise value-drivers integrate and intersect with the People, Products, Projects, and Processes creating real value.

The forthcoming PM Blackbelt framework will validate and enhance the skills needed to exceed organizational expectations and lead into the future… successfully. Members of the PM Blackbelt Consortium will empower their associates, teams, organizations and profession to pivot and transform turning point chaos into open doors that maximize outcomes for every stakeholder. Unlike other options with limited horizons, the PM Blackbelt program will certify practitioners as the critical factor of production that drives market-leader, enterprise value streams.

If the vision of unparalleled knowledge transfer and professional-acceleration insights that unlock pragmatic real-world insights into leadership opportunities is what you want, you’ve found the right place!

To spark insightful, pragmatic career networking connections please let us know you want to opt in!

When you do, we’ll make sure to keep you posted on opportunities to mingle and mindshare with the other members of our unusual cohort of visionary thinkers… who are just like you!

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Instructor-led, Virtual DA Classes Available

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Friday – Saturday, 06/10-11, 07:30AM – 03:30PM Pacific time.

Duration: 60 days
Price: $697.00

Tues – Friday, 07/12 - 07/15, 03:30PM– 07:00PM Pacific time.

Duration: 60 days
Price: $697.00

Friday – Saturday, 07/29-30, 07:30AM – 03:30PM Pacific time.

Duration: 60 days
Price: $697.00

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