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What Others Are Saying

Andrea – Jesus, he's talking about everything I'm doing like RIGHT NOW.

Planet Xtreme – When he said "procrastination is the worst when there is no deadline" I really felt that

Sachin G – Really the worst part of being a procastinator is the guilt you endure everyday. Man it legit hurts.

Emma A – This dude is great this is the only TED talk I've been able to finish without skipping

StALe WaTEr – this is my favorite ted talk hands down.

Rob L – I was already a master but now I feel more like a master.

Chrissy TheBoss – Not one time did my mind wander or drift away. This was pure excellence.

Träume T – If you are wishing somebody's well, it is very hard to judge them at the same time. impressive expression, so real.

Javian J – This is a really good demonstration on how you can be more impactful when talking to people. I sincerely feel like I just learned a whole lot.

The Jurassic Chicken – Dang he really didn’t waste any time and got right into it.

Dave B – LEARNED a lot but she didn’t TELL me anything. AAAAAmazing!

Stanley C – So resonated with the last episode of Courage the Cowardly Dog. "There's no such thing as perfect. You are beautiful as you are, Courage. With all your imperfections, you can do anything." said the bathtub barracuda.

Bruce M – Content aside, this is an inspirational talk for any scientist. This woman is a SCIENTIST - think of all the detail, methods, metrics, statistics, alternate theories, debates with her peers, that could have been brought into this report of six years of work. That huge hammer of science has been honed down to a razor edge of a few crisp points, delivered with calmness, conviction and humor, in an 18-minute talk. WOW. I am inspired.

Yoonji K – This is the most transformative, insightful, and heartfelt TED talk ever.

Course #1

  • How great leaders inspire actionSimon Sinek
  • Inside the mind of a master procrastinator – Tim Urban
  • How to speak so that people want to listenJulian Treasure
  • The power of vulnerabilityBrené Brown

 These powerful, remarkable videos have amassed over 150,244,700 views. They include 1+ hours of content. When you add in time for the 4 quizzes (and a tiny bit of reading) you are eligible to claim 1.5 PDUs. All for less than $25! But wait… we’ll throw in a set of steak knives… just kidding! If you don’t know that the value of your time is too high to waste collecting free PDUs that are trash, then we can’t help you…sorry!


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