AGC REAL Case Study

The hypothesis that underpins the 2nd Edition of Agile Government Contracting is simple and powerful, at the same time. We believe:

  (a) there are a lot of forces – like Congress – pushing for government to be more agile, 

  (b) there is justified FAR-based resistance from Contracting Officers (KOs) fear losing their Warrant... or going to jail, 

  (c) helping KOs see that there is legally available flexibility in the FAR is the key to unlocking enterprise agility in the government, and

  (d) the book must deliver a persuasive basis for executive leaders to champion the change. 

As a Practitioners Field Guide the most unique feature of the book is the 109-page detailed Robotically-Enabled Assisted-Logistics (REAL) Case Study with comprehensive examples of Contract Clauses, Artifacts and Forms. It is unlike anything available elsewhere! 

If you’ve purchased the Agile Government Contracting book and would like a free full size (8.5 x 11 inch) pdf copy the REAL Case Study please email a copy of your Amazon receipt to and we’ll send it right back to you.

Click here if you’d like to purchase the full package of 9 docx, xlsx and pdf template files, including:

  • REAL System 01 - Precontract 1 - Statement of Need.docx
  • REAL System 02 - Precontract 2 - Operational Attributes.docx
  • REAL System 03 - Precontract 3 - Problem Statement.docx
  • REAL System 04 - Precontract 4 - Capability Development Document.docx
  • REAL System 05 - Precontract 5 - User Stories + Template.docx
  • REAL System 06 - Contract Dev 1 – PWS.docx
  • REAL System 07 - Contract Dev 2 - General Solicitation.docx
  • REAL System 08 - Contract Dev 3 - Schedule B.xlsx
  • REAL System 09 - Contract Dev 4 - SF1449.pdf (fill-in-the-blanks template)

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