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Elizabeth A., Senior PM, ERP Systems, Clifton, NJ, USA

"Sharing my achievement with gratitude to GR8PM…” Passed the DA Scrum Master (DASM) exam…on the first try!


Michael W., Senior PM, ITRON Inc., Spokane, WA, USA

"Succeeded in passing the DA Senior Scrum Master exam and have the badge to prove it…” Passed the DA SENIOR Scrum Master (DASM) exam!


Scott W., Senior PM, ERP Systems, Clifton, NJ, USA

“John Stenbeck along with all the included reference materials and Exam Simulator, were outstanding. I successfully passed the certification exam on the first try! I highly recommend GreatPM's course to anyone that wants to learn about Disciplined Agile and prepare for the DASM certification exam.…” Passed the DA Scrum Master (DASM) exam…on the first try!


Terri J., Winston-Salem, NC, USA

“I definitely recommend GR8PM’s course before tackling the exam.” Passed the DA Scrum Master (DASM) exam…on the first try!


Chandra H., Manager, OLS Payment Systems, Plano, TX, USA

“A special thank you to John Stenbeck for the phenomenal, lively, and interactive training class. There were questions that made me remember a few of your exact words!” Passed the DA Scrum Master (DASM) exam…on the first try!

Screenshot of Certification completion by client Michelle f.

Michelle F., Daimler Trucks North America

Passed the DA Scrum Master (DASM) exam…on the first try!

Screenshot of Certification from client Elizabeth H

Elizabeth H., Exact Sciences

Became a Certified Discipline Agilist exam…on the first try!

Screenshot of LinkedIn Endorsement

Crissy F., Healthcare Administrator, North America

“I just ‘knew’ I was not passing…” Passed the PMI-ACP exam…on the first try!

Screenshot of LinkedIn Endorsement

Scott S., Web Designer

“I felt very prepared…” Passed the PMI-ACP exam…on the first try!

Screenshot of LinkedIn Endorsement

Jackie G., Technology Business Partner, Financial Management

“Completed the prep course...” Passed the PMI-ACP exam …on the first try!

Screenshot of LinkedIn Endorsement

Darrick J., United Healthcare

“Purchased your fantastic support materials…” Passed the PMI-ACP exam …on the first try!

Screenshot of LinkedIn Endorsement

Mark P., Two Barrels  

“Training proved very good…” Passed the PMI-ACP exam…on the first try!

Screenshot of LinkedIn Endorsement

Roger L., PMI Chapter Board

“On the Board of my PMI Chapter and we were thrilled with the training…” Passed the PMI-ACP exam…on the first try!

Screenshot of LinkedIn Endorsement

Mark H., Healthcare Analytics

“I passed at the Above Target performance level.” Passed the PMI-ACP exam…on the first try!

Screenshot of LinkedIn Endorsement

Doug M., Carilion Clinic

 “Michael loaned me your book…” Passed the PMI-ACP exam…on the first try!

Screenshot of LinkedIn Endorsement

Liat H., Daimler Trucks North America

“I took your class over a year ago…” Passed the PMI-ACP exam…on the first try!

James R. Snyder, PMI Founder

If you want a practical approach to the management of complex project problems, some insights into the integration of your projects across your whole enterprise, and well thought out ideas and best practices that will go a long way to making sense out of the ever-changing, chaotic, project management environment in which we all live and work, John Stenbeck has made significant contributions to the project management profession across a number of industries and disciplines. His relaxed, pragmatic application of techniques to complex project management problems has been well received in many major corporations, and has contributed significantly to project completion success rates. He calls it the way he sees it and is not tied to the blind application of any one set of tools and methods. You will find excellent examples of integrated management of larger, more complex projects, accompanied with the research-backed reasoning for making it all work, and enjoy the style – a no-nonsense approach!

John G. Stenbeck with James R. Snyder, PMI Founder and Rick Morris
Troy Hazard, Serial Entrepreneur, Best Selling Author

For 25 years, I have bought and sold companies, in different industries, in different countries, for different opportunities. Key to that process is to understand how to add enterprise value to the business, and manage the project from zero to hero, leaving the business in a better place than when we arrived. Sound familiar?

To do that, we’ve learned we need to be both practitioner and philosopher; and there is a fine line between the two. The practitioner actually practices what they preach. The philosophizer muses over what could be. John Stenbeck helps you look beyond the practical message to the philosophical, personal application in your business and life, to enlighten you on a path to be the unicorn amongst peers if you are seeking to drive your business or career from what could be to what should be, and redefine the way you add enterprise value to every outcome you seek. A classic representation of how to merge practice with philosophy, and turn what could be into what should be.

James H. Johnson, Chairman and Dreamer-in-Chief, The Standish Group

In profiling the projects within our CHAOS Database, The Standish Group research shows that over the last few years the life cycle of software projects has been getting shorter and shorter. The pressure for faster and faster results is changing the way many, if not most, organizations develop software products. These changes are also changing the way software projects are managed as well as the role of the project manager.

Many of the functions of the traditional project manager are incorporated into the agile process. The Agile Almanac provides the basic agile education for both approaches. One of the most important features of the Agile Almanac is the translation of the traditional project management language to the agile ontology.

Andy Crowe, CEO, Velociteach

I had my first introduction to Bruce Lee on television as a young man. Like many others, I found his movements to be mesmerizing and beyond anything I had seen before. Jeet Kune Do fighting was highly adaptive in the moment, flowing, as he described, “like water” to match the demands of the situation. A few decades later, the project management world embarked on a similar journey and began to experiment with highly adaptive “Agile” methodologies. At first, many viewed Agile approaches with suspicion, feeling that these were just a reaction against the traditional approach. However, John Stenbeck delivered his book at the perfect time in Agile’s evolution.

For those of us who came out of a more traditional waterfall approach, Stenbeck has given us a bridge to a more adaptive, customer-centric approach. Readers will appreciate the fact that John is firmly grounded in the traditional approach, and he leverages this to help explain the necessary shifts in thinking and practice. As Bruce Lee said “Take things as they are. Punch when you have to punch. Kick when you have to kick.” Whatever project circumstances you encounter, you will have a great resource on your side.

John G. Stenbeck and Andy Crowe, CEO, Velociteach

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