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Hello, I’m John

At Great PM our focus is to create unparalleled knowledge transfer and career opportunities for YOU! As the Founder of Great PM, I want you to achieve unprecedented freedom and significance in your life!

To achieve that outcome, we've created free resources – like our podcasts – to help you. When the time comes that you want to seriously accelerate your advancement up the learning curve – perhaps that is now? – then we have resources to help you leverage my unique perception so you benefit from my curiosity-driven awareness, with Coaching and Mentoring services and resources.

Before opting to do so, it is important that you baseline the meaning of the terms Coaching and Mentoring as we use them. Coaching engages my insights based on your observations, shared in small group or one-on-one settings. Mentoring leverages my perception of your biggest opportunities based on surveying your behavior during workplace shadowing or professional development retreats. The difference between the two can be as stark as addition and multiplication. Both can be positive, but may be separated by rough-orders-of-magnitude in their value and impact. Coaching is a smaller commitment of time and money, and it adds to your acceleration up the learning curve. Mentoring is a larger commitment of time, energy and money, and it multiplies your advancement up the learning curve.

Because I take integrity seriously, and have limited availability, I restrict the ways in which I offer Coaching and Mentoring. To opt in, you must be committed to implementing agreed upon ideas and collecting metric data so we can determine their power to unleash individual significance and success for you. Changes are integrated with rigorous measurement and transparent inspection, adapting core principles to your unique context, in order to maximize the value you receive!

As an introvert required to assume the role of an extrovert, I have been helping leaders from every persuasion. Some are internal processors while others are external processors, linear and spatial thinkers, but all of whom recognize the advantage of using an approach that is engineered-to-succeed. That strong brew is not suited to everyone’s taste. I best serve those who want a systemically-informed decision-making approach to continuously-improve their financial and life results – perhaps that is you!

If you recognize that the time for intentional change has come, then I welcome any conversations you’d like to have. I want you to achieve unprecedented freedom and significance in your life!

Reach me at jstenbeck@GreatPM.com.

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