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Enterprise Agility KICKSTART Immersion

Enterprise Agility KICKSTART Immersion is a Hands-on, Team-based, Deep-dive, Real-World, Non-Software, Enterprise Agile Immersion. Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google – FAANG! – have made Disruption-by-Design the new competitive reality. Whether you’re competing for constituent votes, benefactor donations or purchasing dollars the existential reality of your organization – and your career – hangs on your command of Enterprise-Agile Integration! For your career to flourish you must lead the dynamic interaction where people, products, projects and processes collide!

During this reality-based, technically-sophisticated experience you will apply the vital core processes that deliver Enterprise Agility by Design! They include:

  • Situational Exploration – Define the Competitive Disruptor Risks
  • Framework Selection – Optimize Context-sensitive Blends of Agile, Lean, SAFe® and Disciplined Agile
  • Decision Acceleration – Overcome Stakeholder Analysis Paralysis
  • Process Interrogation – Apply Empirical Optimization 
  • Change Refinement– Create Lightweight Governance that Accelerates Innovation and Success

The changing demands on your organization are radical, and driving what they demand from YOU. Future promotions depend on demonstrating what you know. This unique opportunity helps you acquire insight and tools to prove the pragmatic advantages of your leadership. You cannot afford to miss this powerful 5-hour, 5-PDU opportunity!


Whether you choose a Disciplined Agile Scrum Master (DASM)  or a Disciplined Agile SENIOR Scrum Master (DASSM) course these instructor-led, virtual courses show you how to use Disciplined Agile (DA) in the real world to improve your team’s way of working and deliver consistently amazing results… as you prepare to take the PMI exam. 

GR8PM-exclusive resources:

  • Prepaid Exam registration - included!
  • Comprehensive Exam Simulator - included!
  • Online Flashcard App - included!
  • Enterprise Agile Lexicon Cross-Reference - included! 
  • Connecting as a Pro Virtual Meeting Guidelines - included!
  • How to obtain your mandatory PMI ID (for free) step-by-step guide - included!
  • Directions to get the mandatory Choose Your WoW! book (free for Members!) - included!
  • Individual Zoom login credentials to protect you from any chance of “Zoom-bombing” by disruptive individuals - included!

    PMI standard resources - included!

    • 14 hours of training (and 14 PDUs)
    • PMI-owned course materials including:
      • Participant Activity Workbook
      • Individual and Team Exercises
      • Videos

    In just two days (or four 3.5-hour) Zoom classes you’ll become familiar with foundational agile and lean practices that DA supports, practice using the DA tool kit to solve problems, and learn how to build high-performance teams. With the benefit of GR8PM-exclusive practitioner resources and study aids you will maximize your probability of passing the exam and your ability to be an effective DA leader – internally or for your clients!

    Private classes custom-tailored to your group's needs, industry, schedule and budget are available. Contact us at for more information.

    Instructor-led, Virtual Classes Available

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    Tues – Friday, 12/06 - 09, 01:30PM– 05:00PM Pacific time.

    Duration: 60 days
    Price: $697.00

    Aug 8-9, 2023 – 8:30am - 4:00pm Pacific Time

    Duration: 60 days
    Price: $747.00

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